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THe Process



Before any spiritual work is to be done, there must be a form of divination to see the issue as a whole. We’ll schedule a tarot reading/consultation where we will see what factors are contributing to any problems in your home. This reading also allows me to figure out what best energies we need to put back into your space after clearing it. You can book a reading here

Physical Cleaning

Your space must be physically cleaned before it is spiritually cleaned. As the saying goes “cleanliness is next to Godliness,” and there is some truth to that. In other words, I ain’t smudging your pile of dirty clothes ;-).

Spiritual Cleansing

This process varies from house to house. In general, your space will be smudged to lift up heavy or negative energies, cleansed with Florida water or a wash to invite good spirits, and then protected with various techniques. You’re welcome to be in your space during this process, or step out. I just ask that you stay stationary as there’s a lot of movement on my part.

Reprogramming your space

Once a space has been cleansed, an energy must intentionally be put back in. For example, if you needed more peace at home, we’ll make an incense blend of certain herbs to calm a space and make a peaceful home. That’s followed with a floor wash with the same or similar herbs to ensure both high and low, the energy is shifted.


Not every client will need extra work, but some will. This work could be in the form of a fixed candle, a bath, a mojo bag, or a charged and blessed object to be placed in your home. You’ll be given instructions.

How often?

Every space accumulates spiritual gunk over time. The frequency at which you should have it deep cleaned totally depends on you. Typically, one should cleanse or have their space cleansed once a month. At the very least, your home should be cleansed at the change of each season.

What is conjure?

Conjure, Rootwork, or Hoodoo (not Vodou) is African American folk magick. It’s a system of practices that were developed when the Africans were brought to America and forced into Christianity. It originated throughout the American South, and spread to the North as African Americans migrated. These practices were used for survival, and done in private out of plain sight to avoid persecution. The African Americans blended their own traditions with Christian theology and in some areas blended practices of the Indigenous people in this country. These practices included recipes of protection, healing, blessings etc in the face of adversity. Throughout the years, these practices have adapted with the times as most spiritual practices have. But at its core, Conjure is a veneration for the earth we inhabit and the Ancestors that precede us.



about James Stewart

I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. I grew up down a dirt road, in a very Christian home where spirituality was and is almost tangible. Our parents instilled in us a deep appreciation and love of God. As I grew up I began to delve into other waters of spirituality. I initially practiced Wicca and paganism for a few years. While I liked the feeling of having a different conversation with the divine, something didn’t quite fit. It wasn’t until I discovered Hoodoo around age 18 that I began to feel more alignment with my spiritual path and a connection to my ancestors.

That’s not to say that I didn’t have some figuring out to do along the way. It wasn’t until 22 that I became consistent with my practice. Through the help of books, various teachers, and my ancestors, I began to piece together methods of healing, cleansing, protection, and manifesting my goals. That was around the same time that I started professional home cleaning as a side job. Spirit eventually led me to combine both my spiritual practices with my love of transforming someone’s space. Thus, Conjure Cleaning was born.





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